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Considering an environmentally-friendly ground source heat pump or solar panels for your home or business? Central Valley Geothermal provides experienced installation and maintenance!

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Geothermal heating & air systems are significantly more energy efficient, less noisy, and last longer than traditional HVAC systems. Learn about their innovative inner workings here!

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Solar Power Explained

Is “going solar” the best way to power your home or business? Learn more about this innovative and affordable option and the way solar panels operate here!

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Central Valley Geothermal

Central Valley Geothermal is Utah’s finest choice for geothermal heating and air systems. Our advanced knowledge of eco-friendly utilities allows us to install and repair the systems that power and provide pristine temperature to residential and commercial structures across the state.

  • Geothermal Heating & Air

    Central Valley can help you save money on your energy bill by designing and installing a ground source heat pump that perfectly fits the unique needs of your property!

  • Solar Panel Technology

    Our trained service technicians are experts at installing and providing ongoing, or emergency maintenance for residential or commercial solar panels.

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